Brause Cito Fein Calligraphy Calligraphy Nib

The Cito Fein Nib is an excellent beginner nib.
  • It is suitable for cursive writing (the letters are attached and form loops) or script (the letters are detached and resemble those in books).
  • 0.3 mm: this number designates the width of the beak of the nib.
  • It is solid and supports the pressure of too strong writing.
  • Nib with a hollow ink reserve that offers appreciable writing comfort: you benefit from good writing autonomy between each ink refill.

About Brause

Brause was founded in Iserlohn, found in the Westphalia region of Germany, in 1830. Its handcrafted steel calligraphy nibs are considered amongst the best by calligraphers around the world. The products are suitable for every style of writing, drawing, calligraphy and decorative art, for both amateur and professional practice alike.

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