Blackwing Eras 2022 Pencil Set of 12 Pencils


This Eras pencil sports a retro design inspired by the arrow-punched ferrule found on Blackwing pencils in the mid-20th century. Each box includes 12 special edition pencils that feature a dark grey barrel, gold arrow-punched ferrule, gold imprint, red eraser, and extra-firm graphite.

Blackwing Eras 2022 pencils come in a 12-pack gift box that doubles as a pencil cup. 

  • Each box contains 12 pencils
  • Extra-firm graphite
  • Hexagonal pencils
  • Iconic square Blackwing ferrule in gold with a red eraser (you can refill the erasers)
  • Made in Japan from renewable Californian incense-cedar
  • Limited edition

About the Brand

Blackwing has grown from a single pencil into a culture. It’s a culture that's all about living mindfully and finding balance in our fast-paced lives.

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