Livework Twin Plus Pens 10 Vintage Colours (Set of 5 Twin Tip Pens)


This set of 5 Livework Twin Plus Pens with "vintage" colours is perfect four bullet journaling, sketches, and colouring books. Each pen features a fine and a slightly broader tip, each with an individual colour. We particularly like the retro design and muted colours of these twin tip pens.

  • Set of 5 Livework Twin Plus Pens - Vintage (10 Colours)
  • Each pen features two colours and two different nib sizes
  • Broad tip colours: indie blue, olive drab, orange-red, yellow, violet
  • Fine point colours: dry rose, brown, pale blue, grey, salmon
  • Dimensions (each pen): 151 mm x 10 mm

    About the Brand

    Livework is a Korean Stationery Brand that creates high-quality products for lovers of design.

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