Rhodia Pen & Ink Wash Sketchbook A5 Hardcover 200gsm


The 90 lb Pen and inkwash paper is a very light-grained drawing paper. Because of its composition and surface it offers very good results for monochrome. For colour wash it lends itself well to various intensities. It is very well suited for line drawing in pencil, felt pen, charcoal, ink, gouache, graph pen and India ink, and is also good for nib work. It is especially recommended for graphic art and industrial drawings. Corrections can be made by scratching. Vegan friendly. 

  • hardback book
  • Italian leatherette hardcover, elastic closure
  • 64 blank pages -32 sheets
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • A5 size
  • 200gsm paper

About Rhodia

Rhodia notepads deliver many things; Quality and irreproachable finishes with real paper expertise. A combination of inventiveness and innovations (with water-resistant, foldover covers, "Sangrif" technology and micro-perforated tear-off sheets). A desire for new design whilst reliably orange & black. Dynamic, yet elegant. It is these componants which create the very essence of the Rhodia notepad, a traditional yet contemporary object since 1934.

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