Craft Design Technology A5 Notepad


This notebook uses specially-made paper from LIFE CO.,LTD., which has brought back the original role of paper for writing, touching and viewing.

If one holds the paper in this product up to the light, a pattern resembling a bamboo screen appears, but yet each page uses only the best raw materials, is smooth to the touch, and offers the finest writing experience with little ink seepage and bleeding.

The non-intrusive 3mm-thick graph lines are colored a whitish green, the brand color of Craft Design Technology, and are rather easy on the eyes.

The use of blackish green, a traditional color of Japan, for the spine creates a contrast against the gentle appearance of the pages.

The perforated lines below the binding allow for easy removal of each written page. 


About Craft Design Technology

Three Words, One World. They bring these three words together by marrying modern design with the Japanese heritage of traditional craft and technological innovation.

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