OHTO GS01 Needlepoint Aluminium Pen Black 0.7mm


Featuring a unique body shape that seamlessly transitions from hexagonal to round, this fine tipped pen is a joy to write with.

  • Size: Full length:136.4mm, Diameter:10.1mm(max:11.2mm)
  • Weight: 16.4g
  • Material: Body:Aluminum, Clip/Taper:Brass
  • Writing length: 2,000meter(based on OHTO internal test)
  • Refill: PS107NP (soft ink, 0.7 mm)
  • Refill: PG105NP (gel ink, 0.5 mm)
  • Made in Japan

About Ohto

Ohto is a Japanese pen company that made the first Japanese-produced ballpoint pen in 1949. They have been making innovative, quality writing instruments ever since.

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