Rucksack Magazine Issue 8


The stories in this issue of Rucksack Magazine explore the theme of coast; vast, open spaces in a constant state of change.

Through ‘Coast’, Rucksack showcase how these landscapes are more than simply where land meets water. They serve as pathways to places and feelings etched in memory, a connection with the emotion of our past. We journey through the golden expanse of the Californian coastline, visit remote Scottish coves and drive along dramatic Portuguese cliff drops. Through exploring the Oregon coastline and South West Coast Path, we discover a sense of freedom that emerges when near the water. There is a lightness to our pages, a celebration of the unfiltered happiness only a place such as the coastline can bring.

  • This publication is 176 pages, perfect bound and printed on uncoated, recycled paper. The cover is embossed with a hessian texture.

  • Featuring photography by Spencer Backman, Jared Chambers, Brian Chorski, Giulia Gartner, Alice Greenfield, Lydia Harper, Conni Koscina, Mirko Nicholson and J.K Winders.


About Rucksack


Rucksack Magazine is a printed bi-annual photography and travel publication dedicated to storytelling.

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