A Guide To Blackwing

An Introduction to Blackwing Pencils

Have you heard of the pencil brand favoured by Disney animators and John Steinbeck? The Blackwing has a cult status in the pencil world and having tested them out we can understand why!

Stylish design and durable quality combine to make Blackwing pencils the favoured writing and drawing tool of many artists, architects, composers and authors, the most notable being John Steinbeck, Leonard Bernstein and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Manufactured in Japan, every Blackwing is made of the best graphite and wood in the world, creating an exceptional pencil.

Their grading system is quite different from the usual B-H that you might recognise on most pencils, so we created a video guide of how each draws and writes!

View our Blackwing range here.

Blackwing Erasers

Did you know you can change the eraser on a Blackwing pencil? We've created a short video on how to replace the eraser on the pencil top. 





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