What are Book Darts?

If like me you still enjoy turning the pages of an actual book, you will be faced with the perennial challenge of what to do when you've finished reading to mark your place. I can't bare to fold the page corner and frequently relied upon using any loose bit of paper that was floating about as a bookmark. That was until I discovered Book Darts.

Tin of Bookdarts

What are Book Darts?

Book Darts are thin metal clips designed to help you mark specific lines or passages in your books without leaving any unsightly creases or damage. Unlike traditional bookmarks, which can be cumbersome and imprecise, Book Darts gently grip the page, ensuring you'll always find your place without any fuss.

Bookdart on page

These tiny but mighty tools are crafted from high-quality, archival-safe materials, making them safe to use on all types of paper, from delicate vintage pages to glossy, modern prints. 

They are made in the USA by husband & wife team Jeanette and Bob Williams. The first Book Darts were made in their basement and required five separate hand operations using three tools. Now they are made much faster in a high speed press.

5 Reasons to use Book Darts

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Say goodbye to flipping back and forth between pages trying to find that exact quote you loved. With Book Darts, you can effortlessly mark and find your favorite passages, ensuring a seamless reading journey.

  2. Preservation: Books are cherished possessions, often passed down through generations. Book Darts offer a gentle, non-invasive way to mark pages, preventing wear and tear, and preserving your books for years to come.

  3. Writing and Study Aid: If you're a writer, student, or researcher, Book Darts become an invaluable tool for noting references, jotting down ideas, and keeping track of essential information.bookdarts in book

  4. Compact and Portable: Slip a few Book Darts into your bag or pocket, and you'll never have to worry about losing your place again. 

  5. Aesthetically Pleasing: Book Darts add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your reading experience. Whether you opt for the classic silver or the stylish coloured ones, they elevate your bookish moments.

How to Use Book Darts?

Using Book Darts is a breeze:

  1. Gently slide the Book Dart onto the desired line or passage, making sure it grips the page firmly.

  2. The pointed end of the Book Dart will indicate the exact line you've marked.

  3. When you want to return to that spot, simply open the Book Dart and slide it off the page, leaving no trace behind.

We stock Book Darts in sleeves of 12 which are great for carrying with you in your book or in tins of 30 which are perfect for your desk or pencil case.



See the full range here.

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