Kaweco 060 Calligraphy Nibs


The Kaweco ART Sport is a really special entry in the Kaweco lineup. The marble-like effect is created by blending high-quality acrylic rods in different colour combinations, the process means that no two pens are alike, each one has a different pattern, making your pen unique. You can expect the same reliable, smooth writing experience that Kaweco is known for with the usual choice of nib size from extra-fine to double broad. 

The Mineral White pen has a distinctly icy look, the translucent material catches and reflects the light creating a minimal and clean aesthetic perfectly complemented by a silver nib and clip.

The Kaweco 060 nib is a screw-in nib made in Germany.  It is compatible with the following Kaweco pens:



Kaweco DIA 2
Kaweco BRASS Sport
Kaweco STEEL Sport
Kaweco ART Sport
Kaweco AL Sport
Kaweco AC Sport

    About Kaweco

    Since 1883 Kaweco have been making high quality writing instruments in striking designs. Each pen is hand assembled in Nuremberg, Germany to,"create  a beloved and loyal companion in everyday life even after years."


    We stock a wide range of Kaweco pens in our Belfast store, please call in to try any of them out for yourself.

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