Kaweco Sport Piston Filler Starter Set


After years of research, Kaweco has finally released a piston filler fountain pen and we're pleased to say it's been worth the wait.

With its sophisticated mechanics, this pocket-sized fountain pen boasts a unique size to ink capacity ratio, making it the smallest of its kind while ensuring a satisfying writing experience.

Thanks to its transparent ink window, you can effortlessly monitor ink levels, ensuring you never run out unexpectedly. Refilling is a breeze with the smooth piston-filling mechanism, accommodating a wide range of ink colours typically available only in bottled form.

Crafted from durable aluminium with a matte anodized finish, this fountain pen exudes quality and reliability. Its perfectly balanced weight and diameter ensure fatigue-free writing, even during extended use.

This starter set comes presented in a delightful round Kaweco tin, with a 32ml bottle of Royal Blue ink. 

  • 13cm long when the cap is posted
  • CNC-turned anodised aluminium body with gold accents
  • Refill with bottled ink
  • Made in Germany

About Kaweco

Since 1883 Kaweco have been making high quality writing instruments in striking designs. Each pen is hand assembled in Nuremberg, Germany to,"create  a beloved and loyal companion in everyday life even after years."


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