Mnemosyne N195A A5 Lined Notebook


Mnemosyne's general purpose notebook from its 'Memory' line features high quality smooth acid free 7mm ruled paper suitable for fountain pens, micro-perforated for easy sharing, scanning, sticking up, etc.

At the top of each page  there is room for a title and date/reference number, which allows quick and easy understanding of your notes at a glance. Like other lined Mnemosyne notebooks and notepads, the page is subtly divided up into three sections by use of slightly thicker lines at each third of the page. This is enough to allow you to usefully divide up the page, while being subtle enough for you to ignore if you prefer to.

The cover is a durable black PP stiff plastic cover. 

Contains 70 sheets.

About Mnemosyne

A Japanese brand that has been producing notebooks for 100 years with a focus on simplicity and quality.

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