Blackwing Pencil Sample Pack - 4 Core Pencils


Blackwing pencils are a must for any pencil lover. If you are new to the brand this a great way to try each of their 4 core pencils which are always in production. Blackwing don't use the traditional HB scale for their leads, instead they label them as soft, balanced, firm and extra firm. This sample pack includes all 4 of the their lead grades.

Made from genuine incense cedar from California and Oregon and Japanese graphite, these pencils are a genuine pleasure to work with. With their trademark replaceable rectangular erasers, these pencils are useful  right down to the last sharpen.

This is your chance to try each of the 4 core Blackwing pencils including

  • 1 x Natural Pencil - extra firm lead
  • 1 x 602 - firm lead
  • 1 x Pearl - balanced lead
  • 1 x Matte - soft lead

The Natural Pencil

The natural takes its name from its exposed incense cedar barrel. Its extra-firm lead is recommended for long writing sessions and intricate drawing work. Due to its firmness it needs to be sharpened less than other leads and will retain its point for longer. Most similar to HB or H pencil

The 602

Favoured by John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones back in the day. The modern 602 lives up to its promise of “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed,” as it glides across your page with its smooth graphite core. It's lead is not as hard as the Natural but still maintains excellent point retention making the 602 a great choice for writing or sketching and a customer favourite. Most similar to a B or HB pencil.

The Pearl

Known as the 'Balanced' pencil it is the Goldilocks of Blackwings; not too hard, not too soft. It lays a darker line than the Natural or 602 but still maintains good point retention. Most similar to a 3B or 2B pencil.

The Matte

The softest graphite in the Blackwing range and the darkest line. This is the go to for drawing, the soft core is great for shading and blending. Most similar to a 4B pencil.

About Blackwing

We are delighted to be able to offer this iconic American pencil brand to the UK.

Blackwing originated in the 1930s with the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company. Their pencils quickly became the tool of choice for artists of many disciplines, including John Steinbeck and Steven Sondheim.

They unfortunately went out of business in the 1990s and the pencils became scarce, as their rarity increased individual pencils were selling on eBay for $30 or more. In 2010 the company was revived and the 'new' Blackwings thankfully lived up to the legacy of the originals, quickly becoming regarded as amongst the best pencils avalable.

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