Hanji Label Mix - 3 sheets Handmade Paper Sticky Labels


Hanji Labels use Korean handmade paper, Hanji made of inner bark of paper mulberry trees with traditional methods by master artisans from Korea.

Hanji is not only warm in color and smooth as silk, but also of high quality and durable because of the firmness and fine texture of the natural fibers. The Hanji label can be used for various purposes such as crafts and decorations.

Tearing the label by hand brings to life the fibers of Hanji, giving it a natural look like a feather. It is a unique texture that cannot be expressed on ordinary paper.

The color and shape are randomly mixed and consist of 3 sheets/set. Please, refer to the pictures. Random taste!

  • Made with Hanji Paper from Mulberry Trees
  • Sheet Size: 90x90 mm
  • Each set: 3 sheets with 3 random styles and colors
  • 12 Random Colors: White, Natural, Brown, Mocha, Yellow, Orange, Coral, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Mint, Green
  • Water-based adhesive
  • Made in Seoul, South Korea

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