Hightide Penco Tape Dispenser Large Silver


The Hightide Penco Tape Dispenser is a steel  tape dispenser, constructed with a single piece of folded and enameled sheet steel. It features hardened cutting blades and one-piece chromed machined rollers, ensuring smooth operation and durability for years of heavy-duty use. This dispenser is also rust and scratch-resistant, making it a reliable choice for any workspace. Additionally, it can be easily mounted on walls for added convenience.

  • Can be mounted onto a wall or used on your desk.
  • Width 15.2 x Height 7.8 x Depth 3.5 (cm)
  • Compatible with tapes up to 2.5 cm in width and 9.6 cm in outer diameter, and comes with a non-slip sheet
  • Tape is not included.
  • Made in Taiwan

About Hightide

A Japanese brand that creates products based on three key themes; satisfaction, balance and interaction.

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