Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Mini Converter


The Kaweco Mini Converter is the correct converter to use in all Kaweco Sport fountain pens.

All other Kaweco pens (except LILIPUT) use the Kaweco Standard Converter.

 Allows you to use bottled ink with your Kaweco fountain pen

Kaweco Sport Pens are:

  • Kaweco CLASSIC Sport
  • Kaweco SKYLINE Sport
  • Kaweco FROSTED Sport
  • Kaweco BRASS Sport
  • Kaweco STEEL Sport
  • Kaweco AL Sport
  • Kaweco ART Sport
  • Kaweco AC Sport

(The Kaweco Squeeze Converter is also designed for use in the Sport series fountain pens)

 About Kaweco

Since 1883 Kaweco have been making high quality writing instruments in striking designs. Each pen is hand assembled in Nuremberg, Germany to,"create  a beloved and loyal companion in everyday life even after years."


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