Koh-I-Noor Versatile 5228 2.0mm Short Clutch Pencil


This compact clutch pencil sits delightfully in the hand, it uses 2mm leads that are available in a wide variety of grades and colours should you wish to depart from the usual graphite grey.

Once sharpened, the supplied lead gives a lovely fluid stroke. The mechanism for releasing the lead works very well and the integral sharpener does a fine job.

The body is made of wood which adds warmth to how it feels in the hand, it has a metal push button, cone and clip to make it robust and long lasting. 

You simply push the button to open the lead holder and slide the lead in or out, use a shorter lead for more detailed work or writing and extend it for broader strokes and shading.

They've even included a sharpener -unscrew the release button and insert the lead into the recess to sharpen, how clever!

  • Uses 2mm leads
  • Built in sharpener in push button
  • Length 11.5cm
  • Diameter 8mm
  • Comes with one HB lead
  • Materials: wood, metal
  • Made in the Czech Republic

2mm lead refills available here

About Koh-I-Noor

A Czech company that believes in the amazing power of creativity that brings joy and fun to life. Through their high-quality and affordable products, they  inspire both kids and grown-ups, motivating them to develop themselves and making their lives more fun and colourful.

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