Kuretake ZIG Art & Graphic Twin Brush Pen Various Colours


The Kuretake Zig Art & Graphic Twin Brush pen is a dual tipped marker with a fine tip for details and a flexible brush tip for larger coverage.

  • Markers use a water-based dye formula allowing colors to blend easily
  • 0.8mm bullet tip and flexible brush tip on either end
  • Ideal for sketching, illustrating, cartooning and stamping
  • Easy to blend colours with a touch of water using the Kuretake Zig Blender
  • Designed and produced in Japan 
  • All inks are water-based, odourless and xylene-free

    About Kuretake

    Established in 1902 as a sumi ink stick manufacturer in Japan, Kuretake has grown in
    to a brand of quality artist tools for fine arts, illustration, graphic design, paper crafts,
    scrapbooking and signage.

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