Kutsuwa T'Gaal Adjustable Angle Clear Pencil Sharpener


The Kutsuwa T'Gall Adjustable Angle Clear Pencil Sharpener is the perfect tool for precise, accurate pencil sharpening. With five easy-to-adjust dial settings, its adjustable angle and length let you sharpen to a wide variety of styles and sizes.The larger the number on the dial it's set, the longer lead it's sharpened.  A firm-fitting shutter slides down to contain pencil shavings and ensure no mess. 

  • Adjustable angle/length with 5 easy dial setting
  • Shutter slides down and keeps pencil shavings from falling out of the hole
  • Perfect for both soft and hard lead pencils
  • Overall dimension: H49 x W65 x D27mm
  • Made in Japan

About Kutsuwa

Designing and manufacturing quality stationery since 1965, their adjustable sharpeners are some of the best we've tried.

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