Life Typewriter Paper Pad

With its 50 sheets of natural white, acid-free paper measuring 8" by 12", this pad is meticulously crafted to accommodate both typewriters and fine writing instruments. Each sheet promises longevity and archival quality, making it perfect for important documents or personal correspondence. Experience the unmatched tactile feel and elevate your writing to new heights, with each sheet serving as a blank canvas for your thoughts and ideas. Made with utmost precision in the heart of Tokyo, the Life Typing Paper Pad A4 is not just stationery, but a statement of timeless elegance and unparalleled quality.
  • 50 sheets
  • Acid-Free Paper
  • Smooth, Lightweight Surface
  • Specially calibrated for typewriters and fine writing instruments.
  • Natural White Sheets: 
  • Made in Tokyo

    About the Brand

     “LIFE” is a Japanese stationery company established in 1949, ” to produce stationery, to create culture,” making and selling the stationery to be used in daily “LIFE”. The products they make are mostly papers, with good design and good quality. The secret of their success is the timeless endeavour to create the finest piece by the skilled artisan with a keen eye on every process.

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