Maruman Croquis SQ2 Square Sketchbook


The cream-colored, woven paper in this sketchbook is designed for use with soft-leaded pencils and line drawing practice. Its texture allows for precise control of both bold and light lines, shading, and more. The paper's weave also forms a grid, aiding in accurate drawing. Its cream hue provides increased contrast to pencil lines.

  • Thick craft card cover
  • Size: Length 182 x Width 165 x Thickness 9mm
  • No. of sheets: 80
  • Sheet:White Croquis Paper MPS-C 60g / m² Cream
  • Binding: Twin Wire SC Type
  • Made in Japan

About Maruman

Maruman is a Japanese company that has been making quality notebooks and sketchbooks since 1920. they take great care in combining the perfect paper and binding to achieve the desired function.

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