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MD Paper Notebook Thick A5 Blank


MD PAPER Notebook Thick A5 Blank offers extra durability with twice the thickness of standard MD PAPER. This ensures minimal bleed-through and maximum visibility, even with heavier mediums like paint, markers and calligraphy pens. The thicker pages also provide a smooth writing experience, while effectively absorbing ink from water-based and brush pens, even with multiple layers and detailed designs. Bound in the Codex style, this notebook lays flat for ease of use from beginning to end.

  • H210×W160×D10mm
  • fountain pen friendly
  • 96 pages
  • thread-stitched binding
  • outer cover: glassine paper
  • a bookmark string
  • index stickers 
  • 140g/㎡ paper weight
  • Made in Japan

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