MT William Morris Pimpernel Washi Tape


 William Morris (1834-1896) is esteemed for his pioneering Arts and Crafts Movement work. He was a poet, artist, philosopher, typographer and political thinker, believing everyone deserved a beautiful home.

Introduce Morris' legacy into your journalling or gift wrapping with the new mt x William Morris 'Pimpernel' roll with a floral design on a blue background.

  • 1 Tape
  • Measures 20mm x 7m
  • Reusable and easy to tear by hand
  • Easy to write on
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Can be used on most surfaces and will peel off without damage
  • Made in Japan
About MT

MT is the original manufacturer of Washi tape, made in Japan, they combine quality with great design.


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