Sailor Fude De Mannen 40 degrees nib Navy Blue Fountain Pen


 The Sailor Fude de Mannen fountain pen was crafted for calligraphy writing. Its curved nib is deliberately bent to produce brush-like ink flow and can provide an expressive line quality for both calligraphy and drawing. Variance in line thickness is based on the angle of the nib with the paper: more parallel ink is applied when the nib is parallel to the paper, and a thinner line results from a steeper angle.

It takes either Sailor cartridges available here, or can use bottled ink with a Sailor converter available here.

  • Medium fine 40 degree angle fude nib
  • Colour: Dark blue
  • Closed length: 17cm
  • Body length: 15.6 cm
  • 2 ink cartridges included 
  • Made in Japan

 About Sailor

Sailor is a Japanese pen manufacturer first established in 1911 and is world-renowned for the quality of their writing instruments.

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