Sailor Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen Shikiori Sansui Komakusa 14k Nib


Sailor's Shikiori Sansui represents a series of writing instruments that embody the essence of the diverse and stunning seasons of Japan. The title "SANSUI" pays tribute to the remarkable resilience of plant and animal life found in nature. 

This pen is named after the hardy Komakusa (Bleeding Hearts) flower which is known for thriving in harsh climates. It is a symbol of Japan's summertime, often blooming in the mountainous regions.

Featuring a 14kt gold nib in medium-fine, this pen is wonderful to write with, Sailor produces their own gold nibs, renowned for their exceptional precision and unique tactile sensation. This fountain pen features a medium fine nib, making it suitable for daily writing and sketching. It offers a slightly thinner option than a medium nib, but not as thin as a fine nib, making it a great choice for any user. (Note that they tend to have a finer point, in line with other Japanese fountain pen nibs.)

  • 14kt gold nib in Medium Fine
  • Gold plated trims.
  • Converter included
  • Posted length: 144mm
  • Pen length with cap: 123 mm
  • Cap Type: thread
  • Grip diameter: 10 mm
  • Full weight: 16 grams
  • Gift boxed
  • Made in Japan

 About Sailor

Sailor is a Japanese pen manufacturer first established in 1911 and is world-renowned for the quality of their writing instruments.

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