Wxy Umbra 12.5oz 519 Lemon White Musk & Leather Candle


The room filler: lemon, rose, bergamot, iris, jasmine, vanilla, leather, white musks.

  • 350g (12.3oz) candle

  • wood wick, thick heavy amber glass contained in a wxy printed cotton bag.

  • paraben-free fragrance.

  • hand-poured in the UK.

  • charity donation

About Wxy

Wxy's hand-poured UK-made products contain no animal-derived materials or parabens. They use recyclable materials wherever possible, and virtually no plastics. for great, clean-burning results, they use 100% soy wax which is palm-free.

Their aesthetic is clear and simple, looks good in any room, and lets the smells do the talking, no over-complicated packaging or marketing hype, just Wxy.



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