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Ballograf pens are the epitome of style, class, and elegance. For over 70 years, this Swedish company has been manufacturing pens that are not only beautiful to look at, but also a joy to write with. Whether you're a collector of fine writing instruments or simply looking for a reliable pen for everyday use, Ballograf pens are a must-have.

Why Ballograf pens are special

Ballograf's pens not only look good they are also incredibly well made. These are not expensive pens but they are designed to last- the click mechanism in their ballpoints come with a lifetime guarantee, their ballpoint refills write for 8000 metres ( 9 times longer than the average pen) and are archival quality, adhering to the strict Svenskt Arkiv certification.

ballograf pen writing sample

Our Personal Favourite - Ballograf Epoca pens

The Ballogaf Epoca was first made in 1961 and has been in production ever since, a real design classic still made in Sweden.

A very cool feature of the Epoca is that you can mix and match the bodies of the different colour pens to create duotone pens, simply buy the two colours you want to mix and then simply unscrew the nib units and swap them over, voila!

Ballograf duotone pens

Refilling your Ballograf pen

Ballograf pens are refillable, they take Ballograf's own brand refills which are available in black, blue and red with either a fine or medium tip.

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