Kaweco Al Sport Fountain Pen Rose Gold


The Kaweco Sport was originally created in 1911 as a compact fountain pen, perfect for everyday carry. Its unique octagonal design and larger cap make for a sophisticated statement. When closed, the Kaweco Sport measures a mere 10.5 cm, but once the cap is placed on the barrel, it transforms into a standard-sized 13 cm pen, living up to its motto: "small in the pocket, large in the hand."

Crafted from anodized aluminium through CNC-turning and adorned with chrome details. Hand-assembled in Germany and presented in a charming gift tin, it's a timeless piece.

A standard international ink cartridge is included.

About Kaweco

Since 1883 Kaweco have been making high quality writing instruments in striking designs. Each pen is hand assembled in Nuremberg, Germany to,"create  a beloved and loyal companion in everyday life even after years."


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