Kuretake Karappo Empty Brush Pen Set of 5 - Fill WIth Your Own Ink


This innovative brush pen from Japan allows you to make a brush pen using your favourite fountain pen ink. It has a hard brush type allows you to adjust the strength of the line with the pressure of the brush.

  • Set of 5
  • Made in Japan

How to make a blank pen
1. Dip cotton wick in ink
2. Insert the cotton wick into the body. 
3. Lightly set the tail stopper
4. Push the cap side upward slowly
5. Completion!

*Once the pen is assembled with the tailstop, the tailstop cannot be removed (the pen cannot be refilled with ink).

About Kuretake

Established in 1902 as a sumi ink stick manufacturer in Japan, Kuretake has grown in
to a brand of quality artist tools for fine arts, illustration, graphic design, paper crafts,
scrapbooking and signage.

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