Maruman Croquis S162 Pocket Sketchbook


Capture life’s little moments with a Maruman Croquis S162 Pocket Sketchbook! Perfectly sized to fit in your pocket and with a thick craft card cover you can express yourself anywhere. 80 sheets of creamy croquette paper make sketching a breeze, and with its twin wire binding, you’ll be sure to find your drawing spot quickly! So take out your Croquis and let your creativity flow!

  • Thick craft card cover
  • Size: Pocket Size Vertical 113 × Width 165 × Thickness 17 mm
  • No. of sheets: 80
  • Sheet: Cream Croquette Paper MPS - C 60.0 g / m² CREAM
  • Binding: Twin Wire SC Type

About Maruman

Maruman is a Japanese company that has been making quality notebooks and sketchbooks since 1920. they take great care in combining the perfect paper and binding to achieve the desired function.

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