OHTO GS02 Needlepoint Aluminium Gel Pen

The Ohto GS02 Aluminum Gel Pen features an all-metal design with an aluminum barrel and brass components. The hexagonal grip and round barrel design add both elegance and functionality. The pen's centre of gravity is well-balanced for comfortable handling.

The Mint, Khaki, and Black barrels have a smooth matte finish and a chrome-plated crown for a touch of sophistication. Equipped with a 0.5mm Ceramic Roller Gel black ink cartridge (PG-M05NP-BK), this pen is perfect for official documents with its enhanced writing performance and quick-drying capabilities.

  • Weight: 22.5g, Full length:136.4mm
  • Material: Body:Aluminum, Clip/Taper:Brass
  • Comes with OHTOs new ceramic quick dry gel refill
  • Can use any G2 'Parker style' refill
  • Made in Japan

About Ohto

Ohto is a Japanese pen company that made the first Japanese-produced ballpoint pen in 1949. They have been making innovative, quality writing instruments ever since.

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