Pentel Pulaman Plastic Nib Pen 5 Colour Set


A real joy to write with, the Pulaman may well become your new favorite pen and this set of 5 colours gives you a variety of colour options.

The Pentel Pulaman has an arrow-shaped flexible plastic nib that feels almost like a felt tip to write with which enables expressive and creative strokes. Line width will vary according to the pressure used and the nib will wear to the writer's style of writing over time.

  • Colours: burgundy, blue black, olive green, dark gray, turquoise blue
  • Writing line width: 0.4 to 0.7mm
  • 2017 Long Life Design Award winner.
  • Made in Japan.

About Pentel

Pentel is a Japanese stationery company specialising in pens, their innovations over the years are responsible for numerous writing instruments we use today.

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