Sailor Shikori Japanese Fairytale Ink Cartridges - Set of 3

Inspired by Japanese folk tales, Sailor have created 4 beautiful inks;

Tamatebako or“Forbidden Treasure Chest” is an enchanting deep blue hue, inspired by enigmatic gifts from an undersea dragon palace. Imaginations soar on the wings of Kasasagi or “Magpie,” a delicate blue-green that glints like the fabled feathers of the magpies of the milky way. Suberakashi or “Princess’ Headdress” is a near black green color of the mid-autumn moonshine reflecting on the royal tresses of a princess. Lastly, Kazajiribane or “Crane Quill” is a deep purple like the shadowy dance of cranes taking flight over a snowy landscape.
  • Box of 3 cartidges
  • Will only fit Sailor fountain pens that accept cartridges.
  • Made in Japan

 About Sailor

Sailor is a Japanese pen manufacturer first established in 1911 and is world-renowned for the quality of their writing instruments.

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