Taccia Sunaoiro Fountain Pen Ink


Taccia Fountain Pen Ink is developed and made in Japan, and inspired by the Japanese way of seeing colors in a very pure, honest, and innocent way. All of the colors should give you the feeling you had when you were a child and saw a set of crayons for the first time. The Taccia Ink colors are very true to the way we believe the colors should look.

Taccia Inks have the perfect balance of permeability and viscosity so that it flows nicely on paper, but also is not harsh on the pen nibs. The pH value of the ink is neutral, so the ink is carefully formulated so that it does not damage pen resins or celluloid

  • Package is designed by Fountain Pen Illustrator, Hiroshi Sato.
  • Ink: Water-soluble dye and aqueous ink 40 ml
  • Bottle: Glass
  • Made in Japan

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