Tombow Irojiten Colouring Pencils - Seascape Set of 30


Tombow Irojiten Colouring Pencils - Seascape Set of 30. Beautifully presented in 3 books to reflect their name, Irojiten, which means colour dictionary in Japanese. Includes 3 volumes with 10 pale, 10 vivid, and 10 deep tones in each set. Perfect for colouring, fine art, and more.

These high quality pencils have a dense and robust lead for precise and sharp lines. The vivid pigments enhance color saturation and allow for blending and layering, producing stunning results. The pencils are constructed with hard wood and feature a white enamelled finish for easier sharpening and a comfortable drawing experience. The Woodlands set also includes 10 fluorescent colors that glow in the dark under a black light. 


  • Boxed set of 30 pencils
  • 3 boxes of 10 pencils in slipcase

About Tombow

Founded in 1913, Tombow is a Japanese family company that manufactures high-quality and reliable writing instruments.  

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