Traveler's Company

Traveler's Company Brass Ballpoint Pen


Traveler's Company Brass Ballpoint Pen

A beautiful take on a common object with admirable attention to detail. This is a wonderfully pocketable pen thanks to the extra-long cap - just 102mm long when capped it becomes a very user-friendly 138mm when posted.
The cap is brass, inscribed with 'Traveler's Company Made in Japan' and features a ring which can be used to attach to a keyring or lanyard. Over time and with use, the brass will mature and develop an appealing patina.
The grip area is wood: warm and comfortable, with a brass cone. The barrel end is metal, in order to grip the cap when posted.Removable metal clip: simply unscrew the end finial and unhook the clip. Refill using OHTO 705NP. To replace, unscrew the cone.
Dimensions: 80mm long uncapped, 10mm max diameter, weighs 16g.

    About the Brand

    Traveler's Company is a Japanese stationery brand that makes exceptional quality products that share the theme of traveling that takes place in one’s daily life.

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